A New Toy

I woke up early in the morning, communicated with my brother and we will go to Costco together tomorrow at 10AM, then headed to lab. I chatted with my advisor for a while about beaurocracy and politics in academia, and then about research and such. I stayed in lab doing some work, wrote Amanda a postcard, and then walked to the post office at 4:45PM to have it mailed to Spain. The staff at the post office seemed a bit impatient with folks in front of me as they asked questions about sending packages, and I guess I would be if people did not fill things out accurately and sufficiently before standing in line with their items. ‘Twas finally my turn, so I gave him the postcard and submitted my 98 cents of postage fee. He was quirky and pointed out that I should write “Spain” in English and not in Spanish…I chuckled, and he smiled.

I left the post office and then headed to the gym. I rowed 5000m for twenty to thirty minutes, stretched constantly and after rowing, and then jumped onto the treadmill for thirty minutes. ‘Twas a bit painful for me to run too much since I am still recovering from the knee injury from Sunday’s volleyball session, but it felt great to perspire and to enjoy the moment. The guy next to me and I shared the same rhythm with our steps, and it felt as if I were running along right next to him. After the run, I slowed down, walked and stretched, and soon went to cool myself down with more water and stretches. I was next to a dark blond guy in a yellow shirt who was on one of the exercise balls, and I just kept looking at him. I have seen those exercise balls sitting in the weight room and cardio rooms, but I rarely see anyone putting those balls to really good use! The guy was doing sit-ups on the pink ball, with the ball under his thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. The ball kept bouncing, and I could see the guy’s abs and nipples outlined through his shirt. It seemed so easy but new to me, so I chatted him for a bit. He gave me some tips and pointers before he left, and soon I was experimenting with a new toy. I put the exercise ball underneath my vertebral column and soon was doing sit-ups. Everything seemed a lot better compared to doing sit-ups on the floor due to the support the ball provides, but who knew that my abs would become quite sore after a series of sit-ups? It felt great although as if I were getting cramped, but ’twas such an amazing workout with the burning sensation around the ab region! After the session, I will definitely pick up the ball again and even google for more exercises and workouts I can do with an exercise ball.

I also seemed to be missing folks I noticed today too. When I was rowing, I saw a green figure standing in front of me, and ’twas Ben, one of my former co-TA and friend! I recognized him when I looked up, he said hi and gave me a smile, but I was shocked to see him and did not recover from my shock before he left to get water. I did not know that he is in Madison already…and I never saw him in the gym before! When I was done with my workout session, I was walking along the track and saw someone waving at me. ‘Twas Dominic, a graduate student in political sciences I met twice two to three years ago…but I did not get to say hi before he went in front and away from my sight. Oh well…

I went to purchase some pork and beef (yay protein sources!) after the workout, went back home, and noticed that Matt sent me text messages. I’m glad that he views me as a friend and is willing to share news in his life with me. We chatted on google for a bit before I finished eating dinner and went out for a walk to digest my dinner. Hopefully we will be spending time with each other soon!


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