Hi–I’m Curious Joe.  While living in a world with complexity, materialism, competition, stress, and demands…I hope to adventure in life and seek for the simplest and purest joys around me.  I hope to find the real me during this exploration, and I pray that I will not be beaten by each obstacle and concern in my lifelong journey.  After viewing emails from family and friends along with photos I took, I hope to share a part of my life and thoughts on here, and reflect upon them when I get to live to ninety years old!

I am a guy with many identities, so this blog will be written in a stir-fry method.  I will not only post pictures of food or write about my day, but I hope that people can get to know me a lot more instead of focusing on one of my identities.  I also do not consider myself an activist, so you will not see propaganda from the church or the LGBT community on here.  I am just a simple guy afterall 🙂

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope that you enjoy reading the blog!

  1. Great reads here. You have a very honest personality.

    Mark Blasini

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